Milena Muzquiz: Mood Sings

Milena Muzquiz
Mood Sings

The TukTuk Flower Studio is pleased to announce the inaugural series of artist conducts. The TukTuk is delighted to welcome Milena Muzquiz (Mexico, 1972) with her opening of Mood Sings, in collaboration with the flower atelier. Muzquiz’s sculptures are predicated on the poetics of living things, without reference to artists or art movements. Starting out from the conventional crafts and ceramics, Muzquiz produces defiantly contemporary objects. Her interest is rooted in the idea of how everyday objects like vases and pottery can be represented as theatrical narratives with symbolic intent. Connecting this relationship between nature and art, the atelier will fulfil it’s role as a flower shop where people can buy the flowers, thus lending the exhibition a whole new context.

Milena Muzquiz has built a career by contaminating high with low, earnestness with irony, intelligence with irreverent play. As part of the genre defying music, performance, and installation art duo Los Super Elegantes, she has fashioned a unique role for herself in the contemporary art world. Having originally trained in fine arts at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Muzquiz now returns to ceramics, a medium that she approaches with characteristic wit and exuberance. Her multicoloured vases are bedecked with pendants, badges, and jutting lumps.

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